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Yigit Gunduz

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Yigit Gunduz brings a wealth of experience and versatility to his professional journey in Real Estate. With nine years dedicated to the corporate Human Resources industry, where he has honed his people skills and cultivated a positive workplace culture. Transitioning seamlessly into the dynamic realm of real estate, Yigit spent four years guiding clients through the intricate process of property transactions with finesse and dedication.

Beyond the boardroom and property listings, Yigit finds solace and adventure in nature's embrace. An ardent camper and outdoors enthusiast, he thrives amidst the serenity of the wilderness, seeking both tranquillity and excitement in equal measure.

Residing locally, Yigit's commitment extends beyond his professional endeavours. He is deeply rooted and passionate about his local community, fostering connections and contributing to its vibrancy with unwavering dedication. Whether negotiating deals or getting the job done, Yigit Gunduz embodies a spirit of positivity, professionalism, and a profound love for achieving results.